On the Road with Gary in…Paris and Budapest


Stars—international and local… and Happy holidays!

I was fortunate to attend two excellent events recently and re-meet, talk and spend some time with two international stars of our profession: David Crystal at the TESOL France conference in Paris on November 26–28 and Raymond Murphy at Cambridge events in Budapest, Hungary, on December 1—2 to celebrate the silver anniversary of his English Grammar in Use. I already knew Messieurs Crystal and Murphy—and even remember introducing them to each other at IATEFL UK in Liverpool in 2004.

Raymond Murphy, as I’m sure you all know, is the author of the best-selling Essential Grammar in Use and English Grammar in Use, the latter celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. At the events in Budapest I did an interview with Ray about the ‘past, present and future’ of English Grammar in Use and…English grammar. (BTW: if you’re a fan of English Grammar in Use and fancy being in a magazine article, our colleagues in Japan—where Raymond Murphy travelled before Hungary—are working with an ELT magazine to produce a special article about English Grammar in Use, and would like appreciate your views. Have a look at the Cambridge University Press ELT facebook page  or email <aeraeigo@asahi.com> to find out more.)

Professor Crystal is the author of a multitude of books on language including the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language and the brand-new third edition of the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Language as well as numerous other titles, including with Cambridge University Press: English as a Global Language, Language Death, Language and the Internet, Think on my Words: Exploring Shakespeare’s Language, and (my personal favourite) Pronouncing Shakespeare: The Globe Experiment about his involvement in staging Romeo and Juliet at the Globe theatre in London in its original Shakespearian pronunciation. (Maybe you also read David’s blog <david-crystal.blogspot.com>? I do.)

So those are the international stars but in this post I really want to mention (and thank!) the local stars—the organisers of the events: TESOL France President Bethany Cagnol and her team and my colleague Mariann Gyorgy, Cambridge ELT Manager in Hungary.

You know, before I started working for Cambridge I was involved with TESOL France and organising its conferences and since I joined the Press, I’ve have attended numerous Cambridge ELT and other events and I know firsthand how much time and work it takes to organise—and successfully pull off!—such events.

So the next time you attend an ELT event whether international, national or local, please be sure to thank the organisers, OK? Just tell them Gary said to do so.

And to thank you for reading my blog—especially this last one before my end-of-the-year holidays— I would like to send you all this Season’s Greetings card of a nice winter scene in Cambridge of the famous apple tree in front of the entrance to Newton College where that apple dropped (due to gravity, remember?) on Newton’s head…though not in the winter.

Happy Holidays—or, as they say here in France, Joyeuses Fêtes—and look forward to hearing from and/or maybe meeting you at an event next year (cf. Gary’s Upcoming Travels).

Gary Anderson, Cambridge ELT International Teacher Trainer


2 Responses to On the Road with Gary in…Paris and Budapest

  1. Dear Gary,

    On behalf of TESOL France, thank you for these lovely comments about the conference we held last November. It was quite an event indeed and Cambridge was instrumental in helping us ensure it was a success. We also very much enjoyed working with you on the Cambridge Days with Mike McCarthy in September.

    May 2011 be filled with joy and plenty of exciting adventures. And may our paths cross at other conferences in 2011!

    All the very best to you, your family and friends.

    With much appreciation,

    Bethany Cagnol and the TESOL France Team: Debbie West, Gillian Evans, Laurence Whiteside, Ros Wright, Eric Halvorsen, Shara Brennan, Elaine Henry, Marianne Raynaud, Gillian Evans and our newest mover and shaker in Strasbourg: Jane Ryder!

  2. Gary Anderson says:

    Thanx for your nice message, Bethany–and Happy New Year to you and all at TESOL France!

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