On the Road with Gary in… France

Summer holidays and Recommended Reading

This last post before my summer holidays is not going to be about pedagogy, presentations or work, really, but about…holidays — and especially about some recommended holiday reading. Because summer holidays for me are for R ‘n R ‘n R: rest, relaxation and reading. You know, I travel so much during the year in my professional life that during my long summer vacation break I prefer just to stay around my second home/country and take advantage of la belle France. This summer we’re going to Brittany, Provence and the Riviera and I’ll be taking along a bag of books to read on the beach, by the pool, in the shade.

The Cambridge Companion to the BeatlesSome of the books will be Cambridge University Press titles — but not just ELT because, as you know of course, the Press publishes an immense range of titles in all disciplines. For example, last summer I read the Cambridge Companion to Dylan and this summer I’ll be reading the new Cambridge Companion to The Beatles; both are collections of serious scholarly essays about the artists and their the songs.

 And I also always try to re-read a classic during my holidays and this summer it’ll be the first volume of my favourite French writer Marcel Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu (I find the former translation of the title into English as Remembrance of Things Past, a line from Shakespeare no less, much smoother — memorable! — than the current stodgy, pedestrian In Search of Lost Time).

 The main ELT title in my bag will be the new Cambridge book on CLIL entitled…CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning by David Marsh, Phillip Hood and Do Coyle. Reviewed as ‘the first comprehensive overview of CLIL’ with ‘both critical theory and pedagogical background’. Exactly what I need for future talks! Because yes, I do do a little work while on holidays. Let’s see, last summer I made it thru most of Reading in a Second Language by William Grabe in the Cambridge Applied Linguistics series for some pedagogical background and research support for my talks on intensive/extensive reading. And this summer I’ll be taking along English for Academic Purposes by R.R. Jordan in the Cambridge Language Teaching Library as preparation for an EAP tour I’ll be doing in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in October.

If you haven’t yet read (as I did over recent summer holidays) From Corpus to Classroom by Anne O’Keeffe, Michael McCarthy and Ronald Carter or World Englishes by Andy Kirkpatrick, you should. Both highly recommended! And if you’re (pas moi!) contemplating a career move, you might want to look into From Teacher to Manager and/or the brand-new (corpus-informed) The Language of Business Meetings, the newest title in the Cambridge Applied Linguistics series.   

OK, that’s it for me and summer reading. Apologies to those of you not in the northern hemisphere who won’t be on summer holidays the same time as me – but hope you’ll keep some of these titles in mind when your next long break rolls around.

 See you in September….!

Gary Anderson, Cambridge ELT International Teacher Trainer

P.S. By the way, you do know, right?, that you can go to www.cambridge.org/elt to get free information including the Table of Contents, Index and downloadable sample pages — usually the entire first chapter! — on any of the above titles or, indeed, on (almost) any Cambridge Methodology and Applied Linguistics title. Browse before you buy. And you can also sign up online to automatically receive e-mail updates about new printed and online material on the Applied Linguistics Resources area www.cambridge.org/elt/resources/appliedlinguistics .


2 Responses to On the Road with Gary in… France

  1. Hey Gary!
    Have a great summer holiday. Lay off the work and enjoy family stuff. See you at the Language Show if not before.

  2. Gary Anderson says:

    Hi Jo!
    Thanx for reading my blog.
    Yes, will be following your advice for this summer–and then looking forward to seeing you again in London for the Language Show in Oct.
    Take care–and hope you have great summer hols too!

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